You have the choice in this hueman experience to live at whichever density you want, but let’s talk about the reality of density. ⁣

The density of your hueman vehicle is directly correlated to your energetic efficiency, your emotional balance, your ability to manifest, your sovereignty, your attraction, and your intellect. ⁣

The lower the density of your vehicle/body, the more efficiently you can process light. Sunlight and air are much more efficiently processed light sources than dead animals or starches. You have the choice to consume either one as they are both light light at different densities, but again the density determines the energetic efficiency. ⁣

The higher the density of your body, the more emotion is being stored in it. When the body takes on lust (earth element), the body must also take on emotion (water element) to balance it out. Where earth goes, water flows. The more earth you take on, the more emotional storages you’ll have. All excess physical weight (swelling) is emotional weight. If you eat denser foods, you are willingly signing up for intense emotional vomit whenever you stop. ⁣

Your ability to manifest is directly correlated with your ability to fully expand the diaphragm. We live in a simulation in which all creation patterns are breath patterns. The denser the food, the more it blocks the diaphragm. Fragmented, shallow breaths make you manifest a fragmented, shallow reality in the hueman experience.⁣

The denser the body, the more you will be a slave to your urges. Food-density reduction brings sovereignty from your idea of yourself. ⁣

When the body is dense, it will attract what is dense. When you clean out your body and live in alignment, you will attract those who are also in alignment. ⁣

The lower the density of your food, the less obstructions of the electrical flow through the meridians insist. When the electricity can flow through the body completely unobstructed, you will realize extraordinary mental clarity and intellectual brilliance. The more obstructed the breath flow, the more obstructed the thought flow. Denser is dumber.⁣

The beauty of it all is that your density is your choice. You are sovereign. You can choose to live at any density, but the lower densities bring you closer to embodying love in all facets of your being. There is no wholeistic love at a high density.

Food-density reduction is the 4th pillar of The Caputo Method of Wholeistic Ease. There are 9 levels of food-density reduction. As you for through each level, be present in the moment and embrace your density in the now. Realize acceptance and love for the fact that you are exactly where you need to be in your journey. Nothing in life is “better” or “worse” and every step on the path is perfect and beautiful.

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