The word “spirit” comes from the Latin word “spira” meaning BREATH. ⁣

The breath literally is the spirit. ⁣

The rhythmic succession of energetic exchange, giving and receiving, inhaling and exhale, etc. is the spirit that drives an organism. ⁣

Your body is the conduit through which the breath can express itself, similar to how the ocean is the conduit through which energetic waves can express themselves physically. The water is not the wave, the wave is the energy that flows through the water. ⁣

Since the spirit is the breath, all spiritual practice are those that honor even breath exchange. All practices that block the diaphragm and limit its range of expansion and contraction, or dehydrate the lungs, are somewhat anti-spiritual. ⁣

That being said, plants are spiritual (breathing) beings as well, and consuming fruits from (drinking the urine of/having sex with) a tree is merging spirits (breath) with that tree. ⁣

Think about how many breaths an avocado tree takes to create an avocado. When you eat that avocado, you are taking on that investment of breath. This is how eating can help you grow faster than you otherwise would, but it’s imperative to make that exchange EVEN. If you are taking breath from a tree without giving back, you’re behaving like a parasite and inevitably attracting that energy back. Even exchanges are breath, they are spiritual. ⁣

This applies to all of life. I charge money for my services, books, and courses so that the exchanges can be even and I embody the essence of my breath/spirit in all that I do in life. This is wholistic spirituality. ⁣

So, eating CAN be spiritual in a sense, but you’re merging with the spirit of another organism as a shortcut rather than just consciously accepting YOUR OWN spirit with full presence. Construction is destruction. ⁣We sacrifice our true selves (c(arbon)-elves) for our ideas of ourselves.

Turtles live the longest because they breathe the slowest. Less breaths = more life. ⁣

Why steal breaths from another organism every day just to accumulate more breath and speed up your life? What’s the rush? Are you unaware that you already have everything you need right now, that you’re already enough? ⁣There is no need to rush growth, no need to rush expansion, and no need to rush literally anything about the hueman experience. To rush is to not trust.

If you are going to eat, at least breathe slowly together before you eat together. Connect with the spirit and breathe out into your food with intention before you merge with it, similar to doing pre-sex breathwork with a partner to sync up before you merge.🌬💚

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