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The Ankh & The Levels to Self Love

The ankh is so much more than just an association with Kemet. It is commonly known as the symbol for the “Key of Life” or the “Breathe of Life,” and has also been interpreted to represent the balance of male & female energies. 

The interpretation that resonates with me most deeply is that the ankh is literally a drawing of the energetic path of the craniosacral rhythm. The chi comes up from the root of the spine to the top of the head and then down the front of the face. The jivha bandha (tongue lock) must be applied for the cycle of energy to take place as it was designed. Breastfeeding as an infant trains you to suction the tongue to the roof of the mouth, which is the natural posture of the tongue. When your posture is aligned, the pressure in the body is optimized, and the bandhas are applied, you can feel the electricity surge up your spine and loop. The same thing occurs when you injacculate. I discuss this in greater detail in Breathwork Bootcamp classes, this is a very surface-level explanation. 

Everyone who teaches breathwork, myself included, focuses on teaching the actual techniques of the breathwork itself. My job as a breathwork coach is to give you the key 🔑 

That said, there cannot ever be an external teacher that will teach you to fully self-realize. I cannot take that key and open the lock for you. 

I can tell you what’s the behind the door, I can give you a million reasons why you’d want to open the door, but I can’t open the door for you. 

More so than me giving you the key, I’m really just showing you that you already have the key and the door always is (and always has been) waiting to be opened. 

 *Caption Continued* The dope part about it is that once you open that first door, there’s infinite other doors inside. Even doper part about it, the same key works for every single door. 

Some find it to be too much work to use the key to open the door, some fear what’s behind the door because it’s uncertain and distract themselves to forget they have the key, and some are scared to leave behind what they have on this side of the door. 

 It’s okay not to open the door. But like anything, every yang will yin and vise versa. Every cause has an effect. 

When you choose not to open the door or refuse to realize that you’re holding the key, you’re choosing to stay in the room you’re already in. That room is the same room where they sex traffic children, enslave people for fake energy (money) and drug/food dependence, and create illusory separation from nature. 

When you choose to open the door and walk through it with no expectations, attachments, or identifications,  you realize that the original room (the 3D) was all just a dream and that the universe is so much more in depth than you ever knew. The 3D is just the tip of the ice berg of dreams, it’s one of the densest, most boring, surface-level dreams lol. Every door you go through, you find more and more doors, more and more rooms. You’re traveling deep into the body, the key is the key to yourself. The body is the entire universe. 

When your body isn’t clean, you trap yourself in one room. The key stops working and the door can’t be opened. The breath is the key, the qi, and when the breath is blocked the door stays locked. For me, the ankh represents the symbol for that key. The craniosacral electrical flow that breathwork let’s you tap into is the “key of life,” the key to the ethereal playground, the key to unlocking your wholeistic self.  

Eating or drinking literally anything, smoking anything, mouth breathing, sitting and sleeping on unnatural furniture, putting lab chemical products on your skin or in your hair, bathing in tap water, and avoiding daily breathwork sessions all make your key stop working. 

The ultimate act of self-love is FREEING yourself, freeing yourself from the ILL-use-ion (illusion) of lack/need, from this dense dream, from the imaginary limitations you’ve been conditioned to beLIEve. 

When you go through the door, you realize that you are everything, that everything is everything, ether (hydrogen/dark matter/“melanin”) at different densities, and that god is you. 

Freeing yourself is the ultimate act of self-love because self-love is self-acceptance, which isn’t possible without self-realization, and freeing yourself allows you to realize yourself. The only way you can truly love something/someone “else” is by realizing that it is/they are your reflection, and loving yourself in the first place. 

In order to free yourself, to realize yourself, to accept yourself, to love yourself, FAST so you can realize that you have the key (the breath) and use the key to open doors (do breathwork) every fucking day. Don’t do it to prove that you love yourself, do it so that’s you’re able to love yourself. 

There is no such thing as self, or other, but that’s a conversation for once you go through a couple doors lol. 

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