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You’re Only Responsible for Your Own Path

When you take this journey and go down this path to save yourself from yourself, your hueman nature wants to save your loved ones too. ⁣

The reality is, not everyone is (or thinks they are) strong enough to take this journey. ⁣

Instead of expecting someone who’s not ready to dive in to just to dive in, accept them where they’re at. Not everyone has to be on the same path or progress at the same pace as you in order to be enough for you. Acceptance is true love. ⁣

Wherever you’re at in your journey, you are enough. Progression is perfection, make strides at your own pace. ⁣


I don’t expect any of you to take this journey with me. If what I’m doing resonates and you want to give it a go, I’m here to help and share my wisdom however I can. ⁣

I love and accept you all no matter where you are in your healing journey, you are all perfectly divine reflections of me. ⁣

With this being said, I will always remind those close to me of the reality of what they’re doing and challenge them to be accountable for themselves. This is out of love, as I would want those that love me to challenge me to be accountable for my own evolution. If I’m not making you better I’m creating the space for you to be worse. There’s no judgment or lack of love involved with reminding someone you love that they’re capable of loving themself more than they have been lately. ⁣

How they react to that act of love shows what’s going on between them and them. When your loved ones project trauma towards you when you encourage them to love themselves, don’t take it personally. Respond with more love and innerstanding, don’t project your frustration and trauma back at them. ⁣

Patience, forgiveness, understanding, ACCEPTANCE, and compassion are all essential components of unconditional love. If you love someone unconditionally, you encourage them to evolve, but love and accept them for what they are even if they’re not ready to make those strides yet. ⁣

And sometimes the path forward appears backwards. Steps backwards are reminders why you wanted to move forward in the first place. This can’t be taught, only insperienced. ⁣

You choose your path and only your path.

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