Savannah and Stephen took the Breathwork Bootcamp Level 1 Program in April 2021 as a couple. I am still offering a special for couples to only pay for the price of 1 when signing up for the LIVE package for Level 1. Savannah and Stephen are the owners and founder of Tartaria Juice Co Maui. Their instagram is @tartariajuiceco.

“It always feels silly to try and put gratitude into words, but I am deeply grateful to myself, Nick, and everyone in our breathwork bootcamp group for stepping into a deeper level of love for ourselves through breath. I knew Nick was the person I wanted to take this next step with – I love how straightforward, to the point, and no bullshit he is. His teaching style doesn’t beat around the bush – he cares for everyone’s level and encourages you to push yourself wherever you’re at. He really knows his shit and delivers it with love.

Breathwork is definitely work – it requires you to step into a deeper level of love, patience, and acceptance for yourself. During one of our group sessions, we did a 3-6-9 breathwork method. As soon as we started I could feel stuck emotions moving out of me. As I moved forward, I felt tears bubbling out of me and fully surrendered to letting it out. I cried hard and it felt amazing. I simultaneously went through realizations of what I was releasing. Nick kindly encouraged me to keep letting it out, which really helped. Afterward, I took a nap and woke up feeling immensely lighter.

Something I experienced during my tummo breathwork sessions was purging old pain and stagnant mucus in my lungs. I smoked weed very often throughout my teenage years but haven’t smoked more than a puff in the last 4/5 years. On my inhale holds, I would get the sensation of taking a giant bong rip (the pain that you feel when you exhale all the smoke), and I would cough these deep low old stagnant coughs that I had no idea were still in me. I could tell it was digging up ollllldddd stuff, I coughed up thick mucus and felt emotions being purged from those years as well.

Also – PEE! I’ve sipped my urine a few times in the past but finally gave it a real go during this course. The anticipation of anything is always worse than the actual experience. My pee pretty much tastes like water and drinking it is easy. I would say the biggest benefit I’ve noticed from urine therapy (and breathwork) is the deeper sense of love for myself I have gained through it. Drinking my pee washes over a calmness and true acceptance for myself. I haven’t gotten fully into looping it yet but plan to. I used it on my skin and noticed how quickly it helps blemishes heal and also used my 4 day aged urine in an enema. I have a lot of experience with enemas but using my pee was on a different level. It’s your own elixir, your own magic. It knows what to do. I purged more old stagnant mucus during that enema than I ever do with water/lemon juice enemas and noticed a deeper calmness in my bowels using my urine. UT is also a great way to hold yourself accountable – if you eat shitty, your pee will taste stronger/saltier than if you are fasting on juice or eating fruit. The more hydrated you are, the more pleasant the experience. The feeling that drinking your own elixir gives you is indescribable until you really give it a chance. I felt deep healing on a cellular level and emotional acceptance and release through this practice.

I loved that our group was small enough to have conversations during our zoom calls and chats in whatsapp. It felt amazing to be able to support each other and share our experiences throughout the class. I feel a connection with everyone in our group and am so happy we all did it together. I’m also super grateful I got to share this experience with my partner, Stephen. We love diving into practices that help us grow as individuals and together. I think any couple would greatly benefit from practicing breathwork together. 

I LOVED all the different styles/methods we did together in class. Some were more challenging than others and I loved how Nick pushed us to do our best and not give up on ourselves. Nick is an amazing person and a beautiful reflection, he holds the mirror up strong. I’m beyond grateful for everything I learned throughout this class and am already integrating and taking so much with me into my everyday life. I actually WANT to do breathwork now, I don’t feel like rushing through a session or quitting early. I desire to sit and truly BE with myself, which was my biggest takeaway. What are we running from? What are we afraid of? How fucking spectacular we are? I feel we all fear our potential at some level. Breathwork invites you to let it shine.

P.S. Learning nauli (abdomen rolling) is SUPER fun. Highly recommend diving into it bc it brings a whole other level of play to breathwork.” – Savannah 4/20/2021

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