When you eat foods that cause your body to decay, you create the environment for parasites to manifest. ⁣

Parasites manifest to consume stagnant life force. Worms on the acid/male side of the pH scale, fungus/thrush on the alkaline/female side. ⁣

If you have parasites in you, your body is decaying. If you need parasites to help you eat your food, then you shouldn’t be eating it. ⁣

The more you eat more than the size of your fist, the more parasites you’ll need to finish your food so you don’t die. If you’re “skinny” and you eat a lot of death, that’s because your works are doing WORK and you’re probably compensating well by drinking a lot of water. ⁣If your parasites do work on the shit you eat, then they eat up the acids before the body swells. Having parasites that eat faster also means that you get cravings faster and more intense. Most of the skinny people with “fast metabolisms” are always hungry/starving. People with weaker parasites will swell because the body must protect itself from the acids. 

People associate happiness with feeding their parasites… This is because when you feed your parasites you are relieved enough from your cravings and emotional vomit that you can be “happy.” Most people think that being numb means to be happy, which makes sense when most people have decades of stored trauma resurfaces every time they take a break from eating, drinking, or smoking. You crave stimulants to compensate for the faculties within yourself that you lost to parasites. When you detox it all away with fasting and breathwork, you can be happy without the sub-stances. You’ll have no more stored emotions coming up and you’ll have gotten rid of the worms inside you hacking your brain. 

When you stop eating what your parasites eat, they start eating you. This is why you freak tf and panic when you’re too hungry; you’re literally being eaten alive from the inside. It’s imposible to think clearly in this state. The only way to get through it is to remain conscious of your breathing and keep it slow. ⁣

Depending on how bad your parasite situation is, you also might have to specifically target them with herbs like cascara sagrada, wormwood, black walnut, rhubarb root powder, diatomaceous earth, or activated charcoal. The most powerful way to give your parasites an eviction is to chug your mature urine, and do enemas with it. ⁣

Be aware, though, that when you get rid of your parasites, you no longer have help with consuming death. You will lose your “tolerance” for the poisons. This is proof of how poisonous dead animals, starch, and cooked foods in general really are. If you can’t break a fast with it, it’s poison. ⁣

Parasites reproduce in plaque, especially the plaque that lines the GI tract. When you get rid of the plaque, you get rid of the parasites. Be aware also that the plaque that lines your organs actually protects you from absorbing all the toxicity from the shit you eat. Malabsorption is a good thing when you’re eating death. If you get rid of your plaque layers and then go right back to eating death, you can really fuck yourself up. You don’t wanna be that guy who does an extended fast and then dies or fucks himself up bad because he went right back into heavy dry food before breaking properly. ⁣

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