“I’ve been studying the breath for over five years in conjunction with my passion and journey of Yoga as a wholistic practice, and this year I have reached new heights through an epic breathing program created by Nick Caputo. 

Being a part of the April 2021 Breathwork Bootcamp hosted by Nick Caputo has honestly been life-changing. There have been various new experiences and opportunities I’ve explored through this course which all progress towards the essence of human health, potential, and alchemy. I’m so grateful to have further contemplated and internalized the known idea that everything that is needed is already within us, which was especially relevant for this course, because each one of us is a universe (the universe is within) which alludes to the Hermetic principle of as above, so below. 

Another aspect of this course which has really benefited me is the notion that I must focus on what will best serve me. I have known about this concept for some time, though this breathwork programme solidified the importance of such a concept. For this I am eternally thankful to Nick, and everyone else who participated alongside me in the course. 

My awareness of breathing has shifted tenfold since the start of the Breathwork Bootcamp. Normally I would dedicate anywhere between 5-25 minutes of breathing/mindfulness/meditation each day, but with this breathwork programme those numbers were averaging closer to 45 minutes each day. I know that my ongoing daily practices will deepen given the tools I have acquired from this incredible opportunity. I’ve already seen major improvements! 

Through this nine-day programm I have had more clarity regarding what I truly want to achieve in my life. The visions I have for my future are clearer than ever! I’m super happy about how much more balance I will be able to achieve with the skills I’ve gained from this course. I’ve also noticed how calm I have been as the days have progressed since the course began. 

Completing a nine-day liquid fast has completely shifted my beliefs around how I consume – not just foods and beverages, also anything that enters my being through my five senses and beyond. It was my first extended fast and wow, it was so necessary, and rewarding! I would recommend that everyone give fasting a go in some way or form, and remember to listen to your body! It is so powerful when you truly focus on the connection between mind, body and breath! 

I’ve learned some effective new breathing techniques, some of which I will use permanently moving forward with my daily practices, others which I will draw on sporadically. Through this Breathwork Programme I’ve cemented my values and beliefs around breathwork – if you breathe consciously and with awareness you will change your life. You’ll go so far you won’t recognise your old self. I know with certainty that I feel like a completely different person to who I was three, six, and especially nine years ago. 

Nick Caputo, the course creator – a wealth of information on a range of topics, and therefore a gifted wholistic practitioner – is super easy-going with a confidence and charisma that makes the course accessible for all. Nick keeps it light, adding a wonderful current of humour and joy, though also emphasises the importance of certain ideas that have served him and others well – through proven techniques. Don’t stop Nick. What you are doing will forever contribute to the creation of a utopian future for all. You are sending out massive ripples into the quantum ocean. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who is keen to learn more about breathwork in conjunction with reaching beyond what you thought was possible. I’ll forever be grateful for having participated in this course.”

– Jesse W B DeLisle

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