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Breathwork Bootcamp Testimonials, Testimonials

Amy Breathwork Bootcamp Testimonial

Amy took Breathwork Bootcamp in April 2021. Her instagram is @6rainbowgoddesswarrior9

How was your overall experience with the program?

– Awesome. Nick knows his shit and is just a dope person. I recommend the program to anyone and his books are equally amazing!! 

What rating would you give this program from 1-10?

– 10

Do you feel better today than you did on day 1?

– 100%

Anything you’d like to share from your experience with the breathwork?

– I used to numb my emotions with food, drugs, etc. but breathwork has showed me I can get “high off my own supply” in a natural healthy way and its benefits are endless. 

What was your experience like with the guided breathwork sessions in class?

– Very helpful to be directly guided by Nick he’s a natural teacher and love that we get the recordings for later use!! 

Did you see any improvement with your Tummo times throughout the 9 days? What was your best time?

– Definitely. The holds on the exhales were most difficult for me but with fasting and enemas it got easier and im still practicing! Best time so far 15 min

What Breathwork technique from the class was your favorite and why?

– 369 because I love synchronicities and I actually used to do this type of breathing when I was younger in gym class when my teacher showed me!

Anything you’d like to share from your experience fasting with the program?

– It is so important to cleanse the body and you feel amazing after. Yay for fasting!!!!!!! Huemans are definitely not meant to be eating all day everyday!! 

Anything you’d like to share from your experience sleeping on the floor?

– It was uncomfortable at first but Ive had back problems for awhile and it definitely realigned my shit 

Anything you’d like to share from your experience with doing enemas?

– I love enemas I do them almost daily now, Im so determined to get these mf parasites outtt!!! They really do give you energy aswell!

Anything you’d like to share from your experience with urine therapy?

– UT aka Shivambu has changed my life!! Using it in all and any ways to cleanse myself. It is so divine to remember our own best medicine is made by us and free!! Fuck big pharma 

Anything you’d like to share from your experience with stretching? 

– I already was stretching but now stretching while consciously brought it to the next level!  

What is one thing that you learned in this class that you will never forget?

– Breathwork IS WORK!! 

How would you describe Nick as a teacher and coach?

– Super chill, open, informative, blunt in a good way, like a big bro😂 

What did you think about the curriculum? Were the topics explained in a way that was easily comprehensible for you?

– Sometimes our chats got in the way of the actual class time but it also gave a natural feel to the class which I loved. Every topic was very comprehensible and Nick always answers any questions throughout the class anyways! 

Which informational topic was your favorite?

– To be honest all of them, but Reflexology interested me a lot and the Yin/Yang energy stuff with the nostrils.

Would you recommend this program to someone you know? 

– Definitely 

Did you feel fully supported by Nick and the group throughout the program?

– Yes!! The group was sooo awesome so supportive everyone was so motivating open and loving to one another!! Very Inspiring 

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience with Breathwork Bootcamp?

– DOoOOoo ITTT!!!


You’re Only Responsible for Your Own Path

When you take this journey and go down this path to save yourself from yourself, your hueman nature wants to save your loved ones too. ⁣

The reality is, not everyone is (or thinks they are) strong enough to take this journey. ⁣

Instead of expecting someone who’s not ready to dive in to just to dive in, accept them where they’re at. Not everyone has to be on the same path or progress at the same pace as you in order to be enough for you. Acceptance is true love. ⁣

Wherever you’re at in your journey, you are enough. Progression is perfection, make strides at your own pace. ⁣


I don’t expect any of you to take this journey with me. If what I’m doing resonates and you want to give it a go, I’m here to help and share my wisdom however I can. ⁣

I love and accept you all no matter where you are in your healing journey, you are all perfectly divine reflections of me. ⁣

With this being said, I will always remind those close to me of the reality of what they’re doing and challenge them to be accountable for themselves. This is out of love, as I would want those that love me to challenge me to be accountable for my own evolution. If I’m not making you better I’m creating the space for you to be worse. There’s no judgment or lack of love involved with reminding someone you love that they’re capable of loving themself more than they have been lately. ⁣

How they react to that act of love shows what’s going on between them and them. When your loved ones project trauma towards you when you encourage them to love themselves, don’t take it personally. Respond with more love and innerstanding, don’t project your frustration and trauma back at them. ⁣

Patience, forgiveness, understanding, ACCEPTANCE, and compassion are all essential components of unconditional love. If you love someone unconditionally, you encourage them to evolve, but love and accept them for what they are even if they’re not ready to make those strides yet. ⁣

And sometimes the path forward appears backwards. Steps backwards are reminders why you wanted to move forward in the first place. This can’t be taught, only insperienced. ⁣

You choose your path and only your path.

Breatharianism, Conscious Consumption, Locomotion, Sexual Energy Refinement, Sovereignty

Are You Starving for Experience?

You get hungry because you’re not fulfilled.⁣

All food is information and all information is food. ⁣


When you’re not nourishing yourself with experiences and insperiences, you develop an appetite for self harm to fill the void. ⁣

Do what makes you feel nourished. ⁣

When I’m surfing, kiteboarding, snowboarding, cliff jumping, running, climbing trees, exploring the earthly playground in new countries, working on my flips, stretching, doing breathwork, sungazing, walking in nature, or interacting with people in alignment with me, consuming dense food is the last thing on my mind. ⁣

Wanting to eat is a SYMPTOM that you are already malnourished, both with breath and experience. ⁣

For men, ejaculation is a literal destruction of your own sexual/creative energy. With each ejaculation you suppress your creativity and dive deeper into a life of consumption. ⁣Are you a creator or a consumer? The more you consume, the more you desire to waste your creative (sexual) energy.

When you’re behind on breath from mouth breathing or breathing shallow/fragmented, you get cravings for things that make the shallow breaths feel full. When you’re starving for adventure/fun in your life, you find yourself bored. Boredom is anxiety, a bladder/kidney disease. You pee so much because your kidneys & bladder don’t absorb properly because they’re lined with dry snot. This is why most people get hungry (anxious) between 3-7pm when the bladder & kidneys are at their highest-energy time of day. This is partly why we do UT, to rehydrate the bladder and kidneys in order to relieve the boredom/anxiety. In TCM, we use healing sounds, reflexology self-massage, daily routine cycle alignment, urine therapy, fasting, diaphragmatic breathwork, sexual energy refinement, movement, stillness, and food-density reduction to reverse all forms of dis-ease including anxiety/boredom, lethargy, and cravings. ⁣

Learn how to take care of your vehicle/body so you can have enough energy to get off your ass and do what lights you your fucking fire. 

Earth is a playground, you’re here to have fun and learn. Every experience is a lesson and every meal is a lesson. Every moon cycle is a lesson plan. You are energy and energy likes to move. Don’t take yourself (or your idea of yourself) so seriously; this world is an illusion. 


Don’t Make New Decisions Based on Old Emotions

Everything is happening exactly how you need it to, always. ⁣

We only think that things “should” be different than they are if we don’t trust in the perfection of the hueman experience and the balance that is always self-restoring.

You can’t be disappointed if you don’t have attachments to expectations and you take responsibility for everything in your life.⁣

In finance, there is a term called “sunk cost.” This term refers to money (energy) that has already been spent and cannot be recovered. Sunk costs are not factored into new financial decisions. ⁣

The energy you invested into something in the past is a sunk cost. If you invested breath/money/“time” into something that didn’t work out the way you expected, then that energy has already been released. Rather than trying to force the balance back, just be patient and trust that it will restore itself. Reflect on what happened and learn from it. Acknowledge that the energy is already given, and invest your breath into deciding what the next move is. Don’t make new decisions based on old emotions. ⁣

Everything that has happened has already happened, what moves are you going to make NOW? How are you investing energy to manifest the life you seek NOW?

Go back to the drawing board, organize and build your foundation, and take another shot at something else. If it doesn’t work out again, repeat until you attract what’s meant for you. ⁣

This can apply to a fast, to a business venture, a creative project, a relationship, or really anything in life. ⁣

Sexual Energy Refinement

Are You Horny for Creativity?

Use that hard dick energy for good rather than evil (“live” backwards)⁣

Most men use their sexual energy to abuse themselves and women. ⁣

As a man in today’s world, it’s wild to see the desperation and obsession that other men share in their pursuit of ejaculation. ⁣

Guys are out here harassing girls in their social media DMs, giving girls creepy ass looks in public and yankin’ their cranks to crystals on their iPad screens instead of refining that sexual/creative energy and using it to create.⁣

Men use their creative energy to destroy themselves and mistakenly associate it with strength.⁣

Ejaculation only occurs in the sympathetic nervous system. You can still orgasm without ejaculating if you align your breathing with the parasympathetic nervous system during a sacred energy exchange (sex). ⁣

Not only are men breathing like dogs during sex, their COLONS ARE SWOLLEN and most of the time so are their bladders. Swollen colon and bladder is the main reason why the majority of men are so hypersexual. Overeating and eating dense dehydrating foods swells the colon just like a dick in your ass swells your colon. Yup, I went there. If that triggered you, good. ⁣

Find your favorite creative outlets and start refining your sexual energy so that you can master the hueman experience with the energy you’ve always had and were always supposed to keep to use for yourself and your creative flow.

For women, your sexual/creative energy is powerful too. Use it, embody it, and don’t let hypersexual dogs disrespect it. The semen retention for females is not menstruating.⁣

Creativity is key to managing your emotions. Pursue a creative outlet that you thoroughly in-joy and flow with that horny energy into abundance.⁣

Stimulation is NOT energy. ⁣

You only need to stimulate/eat to do things you DON’T actually want to do. When you do something you don’t want to do, you tend to breathe shallow so you don’t have to be present in that moment, and food helps those shallow breaths feel like they’re full breaths so you can be comfortably misaligned. You NEVER lack energy for things you actually want to do unless you’re crashing from drugs, and even then it’s displacement, NOT lack. 

Conscious Consumption

Conscious Exchanges: Eating is S.e.x.

Sex without love is lust. 

Eating without a loving connection to the source of that food is lust. Food is sex, it is an exchange of sacred fluid, and that exchange is either conscious or lustful/parasitic. 

If you’re going to eat a fruit, there needs to be a real physical energetic connection with the tree bearing those fruits in order to be a loving exchange. The purest exchange is finding a fruit tree in nature, eating the fruits with gratitude for the tree, and ideally peeing on the tree. Then eventually poop it out in nature and give it back to the land to balance the exchange. If you’re buying fruits from the shore and you have no interaction with the tree and the people selling it to you had no exchange with the tree, then it’s a lustful/parasitic exchange. 

If you’re picking greens to juice, like dandelion for example, at least pick them with gratitude and appreciation for the land for producing that for you to pursue this exchange with. Give back to the land in some way to balance the exchange. If you’re picking greens to juice or buying them from the store without any interaction or gratitude for the land, it’s a lustful/parasitic exchange. 

If you’re going to milk an animal, it has to be a conscious exchange on both ends. If the animal isn’t offering it to you, it’s rape. If you’re buying it from someone who raped the animal, there’s no loving connection and conscious exchange with the animal. If the animal does willingly offer it to you, which will be obvious in the moment (anyone who actually spends enough time with animals knows this), then that exchange has the potential for a loving connection. Give back to the animal with love, attention, food, shelter, protection, etc. to balance the exchange. 

I don’t advocate for eating animals whatsoever. There is no way to give back to an animal that you killed and there is no loving exchange when you’re buying a corpse from someone who slaughtered the animal and took without giving. There is no potential for even exchange there. 

I innerstand that we live in a world where not everyone has access the nature in all facets of life, so do the best you can to maintain conscious awareness when it comes to the exchanges you make in your hueman experience. I’m not claiming to be doing this flawlessly either, I’m not always climbing guava trees myself, I still go to the farmers markets and buy fruit. I do my best to keep my exchanges as balanced as possible, as i’m recommending you do. 


The Most Intelligent People Admit They Don’t Know Shit

The closer you look at at the list, the more you realize that no names on it actually exist. 

None of us know of our true history, what Earth really is, the full depths of the ethereal playground, what lies outside of antarctica, what the sun and moon actually are and why they do what they do, what lies outside of the firmament, where we are in the infinite fractal verse, and much more. 

We barely know anything about ourselves and the more we learn about ourselves, the more we realize how much we really do not know. 

Lots of the answers I’ve been seeking are not realistically obtainable, and that’s because I don’t need those answers. We’re exactly where we need to be on the timeline right now, we have to forget who we are to remember who we are. The realization is not possible without the illusion.

Accepting the mystery of life and flowing freely without needing to know the answers just feels so much better than actively obsessing over the answers. 

You don’t need to define and verbalize everything. Any trick or skill is much more captivating to someone who’s never seen it before. If you’re a gymnast, you’re not fascinated by someone doing a backflip. If you study density and buoyancy, you’re not surprised to see million-pound clouds floating in mid air. 

Someone’s going to misconstrue this and make this about me so let me make this clear beforehand- I am not on this list either. I learn new things every day, my perspective is constantly evolving, my innerstanding of reality is maturing with every breath. 

As soon as you think you know everything or that you’ve figured it all out, you stop growing. If you’re not growing, you’re stagnating/rotting. 

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