“Breathwork Bootcamp is exactly what I needed to kickstart my journey into breathwork and fasting. Nick is a phenomenal coach presenting a perfect balance of firmness and gentleness. His enthusiasm is infectious and helped to push me to do things I wasn’t sure I was capable of accomplishing such as taking a solid food vacation for 9 days, sleeping comfortably on the floor without a pillow, and STRAIGHT UP HARD CORE BREATHING. 10/10”

How was your overall insperience with the program?

“My overall insperience with the program has been extremely positive and uplifting. I’ve never fasted before and wasn’t sure I’d be able to take a solid food vacation for the full 9 days, but I did! I signed up for this course to become more aware of my breath and learn techniques I can utilize in keeping my mind/body/spirit happy and healthy. Doing breathwork bootcamp has instilled a great foundation to build off of.”

How would you describe Nick as a teacher and coach?

“I found Nick Caputo through the Float Universe meme page on Instagram and was instantly amused and intrigued by information and the boldness with which it was presented. After following Nick I was treated to a deluge of information in my feed that only strengthened my curiosity in his methods and practices. The spirit of truth and enthusiasm flowing through this person is absolutely infectious and fun to listen to. In person he is on a whole other level. Nick is a great coach and presents the perfect balance, he was firm in pushing me to fast and breath in ways I wasn’t sure I was capable of while also maintaining a gentle touch in his sessions and help space for emotional healing. While teaching the class he kept an open mind to other peoples ideas and opinions, open to sharing his insperiences and evolution, and open to and and all questions, generally providing useful answers.”

What was your experience like with the guided breathwork sessions in class?

“The guilded breathwork sessions in class were a real work-out and I’m excited to have been apart of a group all around the world participating at once. I’ve learned valuable techniques and built a solid foundation from which to continue my practice.”

Anything you’d like to share from your experience fasting with the program?

“As someone who has never fasted before, I am shocked that I was able to take a solid food vacation for the full 9 days. There were times in the first half that I felt weak during the detoxing process but once I moved past that I’m surprised at how much energy I have and how good I feel. After this class, I am implementing fasting as regular part of my life.”

Anything you’d like to share from your experience sleeping on the floor?

“Previously I had worked my way down from a king size bed and a 7 pillow nest to a Japanese futon using only 3 pillows, and after Breathwork Bootcamp, I am down to sleeping comfortably on the floor with NO PILLOWS. It’s incredible! I feel like such a badass but for real, I can also feel my body re-aligning itself to its proper form. So glad I took the plunge.”

Are you going to incorporate what you’ve learned in the program into your daily life moving forward?


Want to connect with Danika? Here is the link to her Instagram:


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