The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars. It gives browned food its distinctive flavor. All cooked foods undergo this reaction. It is named after French chemist Louis Camille Maillard, who first described it in 1912 while attempting to reproduce biological protein synthesis. The reaction is a form of non-enzymatic browning which typically proceeds rapidly from around 140 to 165 °C (280 to 330 °F). At higher temperatures, caramelization (the browning of sugars, a distinct process) and subsequently pyrolysis (final breakdown leading to burning) become more pronounced. 

Maillard reactions can produce hundreds of different flavor compounds depending on the chemical constituents in the food, the temperature, the cooking time, and the presence of air. The Maillard reaction is responsible for many colors and flavors in foods, such as the browning of various meats when seared or grilled, the browning and umami taste in fried onion, and coffee roasting. It contributes to the darkened crust of baked goods, the golden-brown color of French fries and other crisps, of malted barley as found in malt whiskey and beer, and the color and taste of dried and condensed milk, black garlic, chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and roasted peanuts. The browning reactions that occur when meat is roasted or seared are complex and occur mostly by Maillard browning. Maillard reactions also occur in dried fruit. 

Chemicals released as a result of the Maillard reaction (the browning) are responsible for flavors and tastes of cooked foods. The higher the temperature, the more of these chemicals are produced as a result of the Maillard reaction. These chemicals are highly addictive drugs that rape our senses of taste and smell. These tastes don’t exist in nature. 

The brain and body can easily become hijacked (jacked of hydrogen) by certain drugs that absolutely destroy them. Examples of this are heroin and the chemicals that result from the Maillard reaction. Cooked food takes a lot longer to kill you than heroin, obviously, but it still hijacks the brain’s dopamine receptors in the same fashion. 

Huemans are dying early. If someone makes it to 100 years old in a barely that is barely holding on by a thread, that is considered admirable by society. We are designed to live WAY longer than 100 years. We have been dying early because we are poisoning ourselves in many ways, one of the most important of which to note is the cooking of foods. Nothing in the animal kingdom cooks their food, this should be obvious. 

If you don’t like it raw, you don’t actually like it. If you don’t like raw steak, you don’t like steak; you like the chemicals from the Maillard reaction. 

When you stop eating cooked foods that desensitize you, you will restore your sensitivity and something as simple as a raspberry will pop your fucking top. A heroin addict isn’t satisfied with weed just like a cooked-food eater isn’t satisfied with simple flavors like cucumber juice. 

The end products of the Maillard reaction have been repeatedlylinked to symptoms like aging, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many many more. Cooked foods cause premature death. 

If you’re going to chew and swallow things, eat raw food at least. Whether you’re eating dead animals, plants, fruits, etc., eat them raw. You will notice profound difference in your mental clarity, the clearness of your urine, the complexion of your skin, your energy levels, your dreams, and most of all the sensory enhancement. Your senses of taste and smell will increase dramatically and you will be satiated by simpler pleasures. 

Anything that you cook becomes dead food. Cooking is killing. You merge with whatever you consume, so by eating dead food you’re merging with death.

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