The main concept surrounding veganism is to abstain from investing your energy (attention/money) into any exchange that involves the exploitation or harm of sentient beings. 

Most people associate this exploitation/harm specifically with factory farming, hunting, and the consumption of any products that come from animated beings (animals), which some also take a step further into non-food animal products like leather, fur, etc. 

I don’t see anything “wrong” with seeking to do no harm and to financially support no harm, but this concept is being vigorously conditioned into the masses, including myself and most of you that follow this page, in a way that encourages a serious disconnection between huemans and other sentient beings, including other huemans.

An animal can offer its sacred fluids to another animal out of love, and this is an extraordinarily intimate exchange. Veganism doesn’t support this, yet we all do this with other people when we have sex. Veganism rejects conscious exchanges of sacred fluid with animals, leading to us being drastically disconnected from the rest of the animal kingdom as a collective. 

Conventional veganism has also led to a massive disconnect with the plant kingdom. The land is being raped just like the factory-farmed animals. The plants are forced into existence against the universal flow, and then the fruits are all picked unripe and brought to stores where people buy them. Most fruitarians and raw vegans don’t pick their own food, missing out on the most valuable part of eating, which is the conscious exchange of sacred fluid with another organism. It’s an informational exchange, a communication. 

Veganism is also disconnecting us from each other. It is another divide and conquer strategy being flawlessly implemented by this community. Everyone judges the absolute fuck out of each other on instagram and then judges each other even further for judging each other. The divide is apparent as everyone seems to have something to say about everyone else on here. You won’t hear me ever speak on someone else’s philosophy on this page unless I’m supporting it in some way or expressing open-minded curiosity. 

Let’s zoom out and look at back at the foundation of veganism from a wholeistic perspective:

Harming/exploiting YOURSELF is not vEgAn. Enslaving yourself to your desires for things that harm your body goes against the “do no harm” foundation of veganism. All cooked foods, salt, grains, beans, pasteurized anything, fake dead animal meals, anything dehydrated, and heavy starches are causing direct harm to you. You are the animal being harmed and exploited by the corporations upon consumption of these poisonous fake foods. Same thing applies to smoking anything, pharmaceutical and illicit drugs, and social media. Instagram is part of the standard American diet. 

Here’s another perspective:

Every single one of us is on this platform, and all of you are reading this post, from smartphones that were made by child slaves. Your phone is NOT vEgAn. Your unnecessary but “mandatory” clothes were also made either by child slaves or exploited unpaid/underpaid workers. If they’re made from cotton or hemp, then the land was raped to force those materials into existence. Your clothes aren’t vEgAn either. If any of your house is made of wood, trees had to get cut down for that wood to be used for your house, which also isn’t vEgAn. 

The point I’m trying to make here is that if you’re integrating with society in any way or relying on any major corporation for literally anything, then the foundation of vEgaNiSm is virtually impossible to achieve. Back to the judgement and comparison of that comes with veganism, we’re all fucking hypocrites. Some of us choose to judge other people’s moves in the community in order to justify our own hypocrisy, which is a cringe fest of publicly reflected insecurity. 

I really don’t give a fraction of a flying fuck about what any of you thinks of me, that’s none of my business. That being said, I feel this community as a whole needs a spiritual spanking as it’s driving itself further into the illusion of separation and is missing out on the potential to come together out of love to cultivate harmony as a collective, so I’m here to tell you guys to wake tf up, think for yourselves and get of the mental box,  keep your “personal truths” (conditioned illusory opinions) to yourselves, minimize the harm you do or support as best you can, follow your intuition/listen to your body, stop convincing yourself that it’s possible to be a victim, connect to the life that surrounds you at all times, give as much as you’d like to receive, and fucking accept each other for the love of self (god)! Everyone has something to say behind their phone screen, social media is fake life guys go out and actually do shit. 

Your flow is your flow. The universe (one song) is an infinite musical flow being simultaneously played on every scale, every note, every melody, every tempo, and every frequency all in perpetual harmony. There is not a single flowing life that is not harmonizing with the collective orchestra. Do whatever the fuck you want and stop taking everything so seriously. 

Earth is a playground, play as you feel called to play and just minimize the inhibition of others’ ability to play. I may consistently talk on here about how you don’t need to eat to sustain yourself, that doesn’t mean I’m judging anyone that eats. I still eat. I’m not expecting anyone to “go breatharian” right away, that’s not what this is about. If you attracted the information I present here, you were ready to receive it. Consider details of what I say and think deeply before acting, and then act with conscious awareness and analyze your body to see if that action is something that aligns with you/that you would want to either do or not do again. 

Take what harmonizes with the rhythm of YOUR flow and leave the rest, for every single exchange in your life. Stop focusing on what you heard was “right,” and stop focusing on what everyone else is doing and you’ll see your life harmonize with the natural flow like a Jacob Collier compilation. Wealth is also a part of health, and a large portion of this vEgAn community is struggling in that department because they’re still not consciously exchanging their energy in all facets of their lives. Most vEgAnS are so disconnected from conscious exchanges with other organisms that reflects itself in their disconnect with financial abundance. 

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