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Are You Starving for Experience?

You get hungry because you’re not fulfilled.⁣

All food is information and all information is food. ⁣


When you’re not nourishing yourself with experiences and insperiences, you develop an appetite for self harm to fill the void. ⁣

Do what makes you feel nourished. ⁣

When I’m surfing, kiteboarding, snowboarding, cliff jumping, running, climbing trees, exploring the earthly playground in new countries, working on my flips, stretching, doing breathwork, sungazing, walking in nature, or interacting with people in alignment with me, consuming dense food is the last thing on my mind. ⁣

Wanting to eat is a SYMPTOM that you are already malnourished, both with breath and experience. ⁣

For men, ejaculation is a literal destruction of your own sexual/creative energy. With each ejaculation you suppress your creativity and dive deeper into a life of consumption. ⁣Are you a creator or a consumer? The more you consume, the more you desire to waste your creative (sexual) energy.

When you’re behind on breath from mouth breathing or breathing shallow/fragmented, you get cravings for things that make the shallow breaths feel full. When you’re starving for adventure/fun in your life, you find yourself bored. Boredom is anxiety, a bladder/kidney disease. You pee so much because your kidneys & bladder don’t absorb properly because they’re lined with dry snot. This is why most people get hungry (anxious) between 3-7pm when the bladder & kidneys are at their highest-energy time of day. This is partly why we do UT, to rehydrate the bladder and kidneys in order to relieve the boredom/anxiety. In TCM, we use healing sounds, reflexology self-massage, daily routine cycle alignment, urine therapy, fasting, diaphragmatic breathwork, sexual energy refinement, movement, stillness, and food-density reduction to reverse all forms of dis-ease including anxiety/boredom, lethargy, and cravings. ⁣

Learn how to take care of your vehicle/body so you can have enough energy to get off your ass and do what lights you your fucking fire. 

Earth is a playground, you’re here to have fun and learn. Every experience is a lesson and every meal is a lesson. Every moon cycle is a lesson plan. You are energy and energy likes to move. Don’t take yourself (or your idea of yourself) so seriously; this world is an illusion. 

Conscious Consumption

Conscious Exchanges: Eating is S.e.x.

Sex without love is lust. 

Eating without a loving connection to the source of that food is lust. Food is sex, it is an exchange of sacred fluid, and that exchange is either conscious or lustful/parasitic. 

If you’re going to eat a fruit, there needs to be a real physical energetic connection with the tree bearing those fruits in order to be a loving exchange. The purest exchange is finding a fruit tree in nature, eating the fruits with gratitude for the tree, and ideally peeing on the tree. Then eventually poop it out in nature and give it back to the land to balance the exchange. If you’re buying fruits from the shore and you have no interaction with the tree and the people selling it to you had no exchange with the tree, then it’s a lustful/parasitic exchange. 

If you’re picking greens to juice, like dandelion for example, at least pick them with gratitude and appreciation for the land for producing that for you to pursue this exchange with. Give back to the land in some way to balance the exchange. If you’re picking greens to juice or buying them from the store without any interaction or gratitude for the land, it’s a lustful/parasitic exchange. 

If you’re going to milk an animal, it has to be a conscious exchange on both ends. If the animal isn’t offering it to you, it’s rape. If you’re buying it from someone who raped the animal, there’s no loving connection and conscious exchange with the animal. If the animal does willingly offer it to you, which will be obvious in the moment (anyone who actually spends enough time with animals knows this), then that exchange has the potential for a loving connection. Give back to the animal with love, attention, food, shelter, protection, etc. to balance the exchange. 

I don’t advocate for eating animals whatsoever. There is no way to give back to an animal that you killed and there is no loving exchange when you’re buying a corpse from someone who slaughtered the animal and took without giving. There is no potential for even exchange there. 

I innerstand that we live in a world where not everyone has access the nature in all facets of life, so do the best you can to maintain conscious awareness when it comes to the exchanges you make in your hueman experience. I’m not claiming to be doing this flawlessly either, I’m not always climbing guava trees myself, I still go to the farmers markets and buy fruit. I do my best to keep my exchanges as balanced as possible, as i’m recommending you do. 

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