Breathwork Bootcamp

About the Program

This is a 9-day breathwork and fasting group class taught personally by Nick Caputo via Zoom. 

The program involves 9 days of live guided breathwork, information lectures, fasting & fasting support, yoga, floor sleeping, enemas, and urine therapy. There is no pressure in the program, all parts of the program are highly recommneded but not required. 

You do not need to be experienced with breathwork, fasting, or a healthy lifestyle whatsoever in order to take this program, it’s for all levels. That being said, you can still benefit from this program if you’ve been doing breathwork every day for years. I designed Breathwork Bootcamp to be the perfect program to get you jumpstarted onto your path to self-realization, to get you back on track and reset to return to your path, or to help you push past a plateau and experience levels of sensitivity and conscious awareness you never dreamed possible.

The group setting can be incredibly helpful for those who feel isolated along this path. Having the support of the group and also having a safe space to talk and ask questions about your experience makes the process much more enjoyable. ⁣

Starting January 27th, 2022

What´s Included?

– Recordings of every Breathwork Bootcamp class to have ever taken place including the recordings for each class in this wave. 45 total recorded zoom class sessions with Nick Caputo ($77 value each, $3465 value total)⁣

– 9 live zoom class sessions with Nick Caputo ($189 value each, $1701 value total)⁣

– 9 live zoom Fasting Support Sessions with expert Fastician, Aubrey Summer ($99 each, $891 value total)

– 9-Day Fast/SFV Guidance with Nick Caputo ($333 value)

– One Month Membership to the TCM Community on Slack, which includes an EXCLUSIVE channel specifically for the breathwork bootcamp class. This is a space for communication for the class to ask questions and connect with & support each other outside of class ($33 value)

– ECLUSIVE Breathwork Bootcamp Level 1 eBook Guide ($189 value-not available publically, only for this class)⁣

– EXCLUSIVE How to Breathe Level 1 Video/Audio Course ($333 value)

– EXCLUSIVE How to Breathe 2020 Deluxe eBook ($333 value- not available publically, only for this class)⁣

– EXCLUSIVE How to Fast eTextbook ($189 value)

– Organic Ai eBook & Audiobook ($126 value)⁣

– Deathstyle to Lifestyle Transition Guide eBook & Audiobook ($55 value)⁣

– All Technology is Designed After the Hueman Body eBook & AudioBook ($55 value)⁣

– Emotional Rehydration eBook ($33 value)⁣

– Heart Disease is Dehydration ($5 value)⁣

– Cancer is Dehydration eBook (free)⁣


The LIVE package is mentioned above in the “What’s Included?” Section. It also includes access to a channel within the TCM Community on Slack that is completely exclusive to Breathwork Bootcamp LIVE students.

The LIVE package also counts toward CEU credits that can be used toward yoga teacher training and TCM credits that can be used to become a TCM-Certified Facilitator. There will also be a BONUS class on Day 10 that will be entirely focused on how to properly facilitate and guide your own clients/students through the breathwork sessions you learn in Breathwork Bootcamp. This class and its recording will ONLY be available in the LIVE package, making this package ideal for yoga instructors, breathwork/pranayama teachers and coaches, personal trainers, sports coaches, and wholeistic healers looking to expand their toolkit of modalities. This does not mean that you have to be a teacher or coach to sign up for this class; the class can be taken for personal learning and growth also, which is highly encouraged. 

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The SPECTATOR package is ideal for those who want almost everything that comes with the class without actually participating in the live classes. You will still receive all of the recordings for each class and each of the previous classes, all of the eBooks and audiobooks (including the EXCLUSIVE ones), and the one-month TCM Community Membership.

The spectator package, however, does NOT include the fasting support calls (and their recordings) with expert Fastician, Aubrey Summer, the CEU credits, the TCM credits, or the Day 10 bonus class (and its recording). Taking this into consideration, those that are misaligned with the timing of the classes but would still like to receive CEU or TCM credits, or would like to learn how to facilitate TCM respiration practices following Breathwork Bootcamp, it is still ideal to sign up for the LIVE package.


breathwork bootcamp

What to Expect From Breathwork Bootcamp?

Physical Tranceformation

In as little as 9 days, you can see serious changes in your physical body. Weight (swelling) can be lost; diseases can be reversed. Your skin will improve, your sleep quality with improve, your energy levels will increase, and more.

Homework & Assignments

Each day, Nick assigns homework that includes breathwork sessions, reading material (including other eBooks included with the program), stretching, videos to watch, and more. The homework often exceeds the curriculum and expands on the topics for the upcoming days.

After-Class Discussions

After class is concluded each day, Nick stays after class for a discussion. This is an open space for any questions and discussion on just about anything. The after-class conversations have gone into some really deep topics and provided great value in the past.

9 Breathwork Sessions

Each of the 9 classes will conclude with a new breathwork session guided by Nick Caputo.

eBook Guide

Included with the program is an ebook guide that covers all the curriculum, including both topic explanations and breathwork session instructions for everything covered in the course. The curriculum is designed for you to gain a level of innerstanding on using the breath to maximize your hueman experience. 

eBooks & Videos

Included with the program is every eBook I’ve released. As of now this includes How to Breathe 2020 Deluxe eBook, Organic Ai eBook & Audiobook, Deathstyle to Lifestyle Trance-sition Guide eBook & Audiobook, All Technology is Designed After the Hueman Body eBook & AudioBook, Emotional Rehydration eBook, Heart Disease is Dehydration eBook, and the Cancer is Dehydration eBook.

Daily Zoom Calls

The program features 2 zoom calls per day for the 9-day duration.

The first call of the day covers the informational lecture, the daily guided breathwork session, the infromational Q&A, and the open discussion. Each day has a specific curriculum to be covered. No notes need to be taken as the EXCLUSIVE Breathwork Bootcamp eBook Guide has notes written on every topic discussed during class as per the curriculum. Also included in the eBook Guide are instructions for each of the breathwork sessions taught in each day of Bootcamp. After the guided breathwork session, class is concluded but Nick stays after class every single class to answer questions and leave the floor open for discussions on any topic. This not only ensures that everyone fully innerstands all the material but also allows the conversations to be a lot more fun as we dive deep into non-curriculum topics. 

The second call of the day is dedicated to fasting support; they are hosted by both Nick Caputo and Aubrey Summer- an experienced Fastician, Yoga Instructor, and Facilitator. These calls will be focused around making sure everyone feels fully supported through their process. In these calls, the floor is open for anyone to share any of their experience, ask questions about what they’re experiencing, or just listen in on the conversation with everyone. 

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This might have been the most transformative thing I’ve ever done. I had some really intense spiritual, emotional, physical, sexual trauma that happened 8 years ago that I have literally traveled the earth and done everything to try and release it/break through with it. This program was unlike anything I’d ever done. This was the breakthrough I had been seeking for 8 years, and it’s so cool that it’s here now and I can feel it in body and in my life. Nothing is ever going to be the same again. I can actually cry talking about it. I feel so much peace, so much empowerment. I’ve lost about 15 lbs just in these last 9 days. The whole thing has been intensely euphoric, especially emotionally. I’m no longer weighed-down, I am free, I am whole. And it was so simple! I’ve tried programs before where I had to check boxes for every supplement, every meal, etc. and lots of ways of approaching nutrition, but the fact that this is so simple and liberating is just so incredible for me. My skin is more tan, my moon cycle was unexpectedly painless, and I’m just so energetic and happy that my friends are asking me what I’m up to. I have immense amounts of gratitude. It’s beyond words for me. I also want to compliment your neutrality Nick, and the way you present information.

Lindsay Nance
Breathwork Bootcamp January 2021

Working with brother Nick has been the most transformative healing experience of my life. He helped me reverse my chronic asthma (steroids from childhood), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (hormones everyday), IBS, Chronic Yeast infection (anti-fungal antibiotics) & severe anxiety. I can vouch for him, seriously though my folks can’t even believe I ditched my doctor. I trusted Nick and voila – the pharmaceutical industry lost a lifelong customer. I should tell my (former) gynecologist to give Nick’s number to his patients. He had been trying to help for me months lol. 3 days on the program Nick recommend and no issues, 5 days and completely clean. Fuck the system. Thank you Universe. Thank you Nick.

Anandhi Kirishna
Breathwork Bootcamp January 2021

“It always feels silly to try and put gratitude into words, but I am deeply grateful to myself, Nick, and everyone in our breathwork bootcamp group for stepping into a deeper level of love for ourselves through breath. I knew Nick was the person I wanted to take this next step with – I love how straightforward, to the point, and no bullshit he is. His teaching style doesn’t beat around the bush – he cares for everyone’s level and encourages you to push yourself wherever you’re at. He really knows his shit and delivers it with love.

Breathwork is definitely work – it requires you to step into a deeper level of love, patience, and acceptance for yourself. During one of our group sessions, we did a 3-6-9 breathwork method. As soon as we started I could feel stuck emotions moving out of me. As I moved forward, I felt tears bubbling out of me and fully surrendered to letting it out. I cried hard and it felt amazing. I simultaneously went through realizations of what I was releasing. Nick kindly encouraged me to keep letting it out, which really helped. Afterward, I took a nap and woke up feeling immensely lighter.

Something I experienced during my tummo breathwork sessions was purging old pain and stagnant mucus in my lungs. I smoked weed very often throughout my teenage years but haven’t smoked more than a puff in the last 4/5 years. On my inhale holds, I would get the sensation of taking a giant bong rip (the pain that you feel when you exhale all the smoke), and I would cough these deep low old stagnant coughs that I had no idea were still in me. I could tell it was digging up ollllldddd stuff, I coughed up thick mucus and felt emotions being purged from those years as well.

Also – PEE! I’ve sipped my urine a few times in the past but finally gave it a real go during this course. The anticipation of anything is always worse than the actual experience. My pee pretty much tastes like water and drinking it is easy. I would say the biggest benefit I’ve noticed from urine therapy (and breathwork) is the deeper sense of love for myself I have gained through it. Drinking my pee washes over a calmness and true acceptance for myself. I haven’t gotten fully into looping it yet but plan to. I used it on my skin and noticed how quickly it helps blemishes heal and also used my 4 day aged urine in an enema. I have a lot of experience with enemas but using my pee was on a different level. It’s your own elixir, your own magic. It knows what to do. I purged more old stagnant mucus during that enema than I ever do with water/lemon juice enemas and noticed a deeper calmness in my bowels using my urine. UT is also a great way to hold yourself accountable – if you eat shitty, your pee will taste stronger/saltier than if you are fasting on juice or eating fruit. The more hydrated you are, the more pleasant the experience. The feeling that drinking your own elixir gives you is indescribable until you really give it a chance. I felt deep healing on a cellular level and emotional acceptance and release through this practice.

I loved that our group was small enough to have conversations during our zoom calls and chats in whatsapp. It felt amazing to be able to support each other and share our experiences throughout the class. I feel a connection with everyone in our group and am so happy we all did it together. I’m also super grateful I got to share this experience with my partner, Stephen. We love diving into practices that help us grow as individuals and together. I think any couple would greatly benefit from practicing breathwork together. 

I LOVED all the different styles/methods we did together in class. Some were more challenging than others and I loved how Nick pushed us to do our best and not give up on ourselves. Nick is an amazing person and a beautiful reflection, he holds the mirror up strong. I’m beyond grateful for everything I learned throughout this class and am already integrating and taking so much with me into my everyday life. I actually WANT to do breathwork now, I don’t feel like rushing through a session or quitting early. I desire to sit and truly BE with myself, which was my biggest takeaway. What are we running from? What are we afraid of? How fucking spectacular we are? I feel we all fear our potential at some level. Breathwork invites you to let it shine.

P.S. Learning nauli (abdomen rolling) is SUPER fun. Highly recommend diving into it bc it brings a whole other level of play to breathwork.”

Savannah & Stephen
Breathwork Bootcamp April, July, October 2021

“I’ve been studying the breath for over five years in conjunction with my passion and journey of Yoga as a wholistic practice, and this year I have reached new heights through an epic breathing program created by Nick Caputo. 

Being a part of the April 2021 Breathwork Bootcamp hosted by Nick Caputo has honestly been life-changing. There have been various new experiences and opportunities I’ve explored through this course which all progress towards the essence of human health, potential, and alchemy. I’m so grateful to have further contemplated and internalized the known idea that everything that is needed is already within us, which was especially relevant for this course, because each one of us is a universe (the universe is within) which alludes to the Hermetic principle of as above, so below. 

Another aspect of this course which has really benefited me is the notion that I must focus on what will best serve me. I have known about this concept for some time, though this breathwork programme solidified the importance of such a concept. For this I am eternally thankful to Nick, and everyone else who participated alongside me in the course. 

My awareness of breathing has shifted tenfold since the start of the Breathwork Bootcamp. Normally I would dedicate anywhere between 5-25 minutes of breathing/mindfulness/meditation each day, but with this breathwork programme those numbers were averaging closer to 45 minutes each day. I know that my ongoing daily practices will deepen given the tools I have acquired from this incredible opportunity. I’ve already seen major improvements! 

Through this nine-day programm I have had more clarity regarding what I truly want to achieve in my life. The visions I have for my future are clearer than ever! I’m super happy about how much more balance I will be able to achieve with the skills I’ve gained from this course. I’ve also noticed how calm I have been as the days have progressed since the course began. 

Completing a nine-day liquid fast has completely shifted my beliefs around how I consume – not just foods and beverages, also anything that enters my being through my five senses and beyond. It was my first extended fast and wow, it was so necessary, and rewarding! I would recommend that everyone give fasting a go in some way or form, and remember to listen to your body! It is so powerful when you truly focus on the connection between mind, body and breath! 

I’ve learned some effective new breathing techniques, some of which I will use permanently moving forward with my daily practices, others which I will draw on sporadically. Through this Breathwork Programme I’ve cemented my values and beliefs around breathwork – if you breathe consciously and with awareness you will change your life. You’ll go so far you won’t recognise your old self. I know with certainty that I feel like a completely different person to who I was three, six, and especially nine years ago. 

Nick Caputo, the course creator – a wealth of information on a range of topics, and therefore a gifted wholistic practitioner – is super easy-going with a confidence and charisma that makes the course accessible for all. Nick keeps it light, adding a wonderful current of humour and joy, though also emphasises the importance of certain ideas that have served him and others well – through proven techniques. Don’t stop Nick. What you are doing will forever contribute to the creation of a utopian future for all. You are sending out massive ripples into the quantum ocean. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who is keen to learn more about breathwork in conjunction with reaching beyond what you thought was possible. I’ll forever be grateful for having participated in this course.”

Jesse W B DeLisle
Breathwork Bootcamp April and July 2021
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