Breathwork Bootcamp

Diaphragmatic Breathwork & Fasting Program with Nick Caputo

Breathwork bootcamp

About the Program

This is a 9-day breathwork and fasting group class taught personally by Nick Caputo over zoom call. ⁣This is the most valuable package I’ve ever offered. 

The program involves 9 days of live guided breathwork, fasting, yoga, floor sleeping, enemas, and urine therapy.There is no pressure in the program, all parts of the program are highly recommneded but not required. 

You do not need to be experienced with breathwork, fasting, or a healthy lifestyle whatsoever in order to take this program, it’s for all levels. That being said, you can still benefit from this program if you’ve been doing breathwork every day for years.

The group setting can be incredibly helpful for those who feel isolated along this path. Having the support of the group and also having a safe space to talk and ask questions about your experience makes the process much more enjoyable. ⁣

Starting October 5th, 2021

What´s included?

– Recordings of every Breathwork Bootcamp class to have ever taken place. 36 recorded zoom class sessions with Nick Caputo ($77 value each, $2772 value total)⁣

– 9 live zoom class sessions with Nick Caputo ($99 value each, $891 value total)⁣

– 9-Day Fast/SFV Guidance with Nick Caputo ($333 value)

– One Month Membership to the TCM Community on Slack, which includes an EXCLUSIVE channel specifically for the breathwork bootcamp class. This is a space for communication for the class to ask questions and connect with & support each other outside of class ($33 value)

– 9 EXCLUSIVE Breathwork Bootcamp Level 1 eBook Guides ($33 value each, $297 value total)⁣

– EXCLUSIVE How to Breathe Level 1 Video/Audio Course

– EXCLUSIVE How to Breathe 2020 Deluxe eBook ($333 value- not available publically, only for this class)⁣

– EXCLUSIVE How to Fast Course ($666 value)

– Organic Ai eBook & Audiobook ($126 value)⁣

– Deathstyle to Lifestyle Transition Guide eBook & Audiobook ($55 value)⁣

– All Technology is Designed After the Hueman Body eBook & AudioBook ($55 value)⁣

– Emotional Rehydration eBook ($33 value)⁣

– Heart Disease is Dehydration ($5 value)⁣

– Cancer is Dehydration eBook (free)⁣


breathwork bootcamp

What to Expect From Breathwork Bootcamp?

Physical Tranceformation

In as little as 9 days, you can see serious changes in your physical body. Weight (swelling) can be lost; diseases can be reversed. Your skin will improve, your sleep quality with improve, your energy levels will increase, and more.

Homework & Assignments

Each day, Nick assigns homework that includes breathwork sessions, reading material (including other eBooks included with the program), stretching, videos to watch, and more. The homework often exceeds the curriculum and expands on the topics for the upcoming days.

After-Class Discussions

After class is concluded each day, Nick stays after class for a discussion. This is an open space for any questions and discussion on just about anything. The after-class conversations have gone into some really deep topics and provided great value in the past.

9 Breathwork Sessions

Each of the 9 classes will conclude with a new breathwork session guided by Nick Caputo.

eBook Guide

Included with the program is an ebook guide that covers all the curriculum, including both topic explanations and breathwork session instructions for everything covered in the course. The curriculum is designed for you to gain a level of innerstanding on using the breath to maximize your hueman experience. 

eBooks & Videos

Included with the program is every eBook I’ve released. As of now this includes How to Breathe 2020 Deluxe eBook, Organic Ai eBook & Audiobook, Deathstyle to Lifestyle Trance-sition Guide eBook & Audiobook, All Technology is Designed After the Hueman Body eBook & AudioBook, Emotional Rehydration eBook, Heart Disease is Dehydration eBook, and the Cancer is Dehydration eBook.


The LIVE package is mentioned above in the “What’s Included” Section. It also includes access to 2 WhatsApp Group Chats. One chat is where you’ll receive updates and assignments from me, the other is a space for the class to ask questions and share their experiences with me and/or each other. There are only 33 total spots available for the live package.


Sign up now to reserve your spot


The SPECTATOR package is for those who want everything that comes with the class without actually participating in the live classes. You will still receive all of the recordings for each class during the July wave so you can keep up (a day behind) as the recordings are sent out. This package only includes access to the WhatsApp group with the updates, not the chat for the class to talk to eat other. With this package, you can still reach out to me individually for questions or concerns.

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