Amy took Breathwork Bootcamp in April 2021. Her instagram is @6rainbowgoddesswarrior9

How was your overall experience with the program?

– Awesome. Nick knows his shit and is just a dope person. I recommend the program to anyone and his books are equally amazing!! 

What rating would you give this program from 1-10?

– 10

Do you feel better today than you did on day 1?

– 100%

Anything you’d like to share from your experience with the breathwork?

– I used to numb my emotions with food, drugs, etc. but breathwork has showed me I can get “high off my own supply” in a natural healthy way and its benefits are endless. 

What was your experience like with the guided breathwork sessions in class?

– Very helpful to be directly guided by Nick he’s a natural teacher and love that we get the recordings for later use!! 

Did you see any improvement with your Tummo times throughout the 9 days? What was your best time?

– Definitely. The holds on the exhales were most difficult for me but with fasting and enemas it got easier and im still practicing! Best time so far 15 min

What Breathwork technique from the class was your favorite and why?

– 369 because I love synchronicities and I actually used to do this type of breathing when I was younger in gym class when my teacher showed me!

Anything you’d like to share from your experience fasting with the program?

– It is so important to cleanse the body and you feel amazing after. Yay for fasting!!!!!!! Huemans are definitely not meant to be eating all day everyday!! 

Anything you’d like to share from your experience sleeping on the floor?

– It was uncomfortable at first but Ive had back problems for awhile and it definitely realigned my shit 

Anything you’d like to share from your experience with doing enemas?

– I love enemas I do them almost daily now, Im so determined to get these mf parasites outtt!!! They really do give you energy aswell!

Anything you’d like to share from your experience with urine therapy?

– UT aka Shivambu has changed my life!! Using it in all and any ways to cleanse myself. It is so divine to remember our own best medicine is made by us and free!! Fuck big pharma 

Anything you’d like to share from your experience with stretching? 

– I already was stretching but now stretching while consciously brought it to the next level!  

What is one thing that you learned in this class that you will never forget?

– Breathwork IS WORK!! 

How would you describe Nick as a teacher and coach?

– Super chill, open, informative, blunt in a good way, like a big bro😂 

What did you think about the curriculum? Were the topics explained in a way that was easily comprehensible for you?

– Sometimes our chats got in the way of the actual class time but it also gave a natural feel to the class which I loved. Every topic was very comprehensible and Nick always answers any questions throughout the class anyways! 

Which informational topic was your favorite?

– To be honest all of them, but Reflexology interested me a lot and the Yin/Yang energy stuff with the nostrils.

Would you recommend this program to someone you know? 

– Definitely 

Did you feel fully supported by Nick and the group throughout the program?

– Yes!! The group was sooo awesome so supportive everyone was so motivating open and loving to one another!! Very Inspiring 

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience with Breathwork Bootcamp?

– DOoOOoo ITTT!!!

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