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Who is Nick Caputo?

My name is Nick Caputo and I am a wholeistic healer. A true healer is a teacher. I teach a combination of diaphragmatic breathwork, solid food vacations/fasting, herbal medicine, urine therapy, reflexology self-massage, astrology, lymphatic stimulation, poisonous product avoidance, sexual energy refinement, and natural movement to help clients reverse all forms of dis-ease, lose weight, enhance athletic performance, trancesition to and sustain healthier lifestyles, increase energy levels, enhance cognitive function & mental clarity, release stored emotions & traumas, enhance sexual performance, improve sleep quality, recover from all forms of addiction, and pursue the breatharian path & beyond.

The Caputo Method of wholeistic ease

What is The Caputo Method?

The Caputo Method of Wholeistic Ease is a 9-pillar system I designed as a framework of guidance for me to teach YOU how to restore and maintain a lifestyle of complete, utter ease. If you are not at ease in all facets of your being, you are dis-eased. The Caputo Method is still a work in progress. There is so much information to present that it will likely take me 2+ years to complete it all. When completed, the master package will include 12 online courses, 27+ ebooks, and personal 1 on 1 coaching with me. In the mean time, courses, ebooks and audiobooks will become available one by one as they are completed. Every course and every eBook I ever have and ever will release will pop your top (blow your mind) and change your entire life. You will love yourself and life itself exponentially more after working with me regardless of your starting point. I am offering the ENTIRE program to be taught 1 on 1 by me during this time as well, but ONLY for those seeking the reversal of serious life-threatening forms of disease. An application must be submitted and accepted for admission into the program. Also available is a group class via zoom that covers all of the basics for anyone looking to dip their toes in the ocean of accumulated knowledge embedded in the Caputo Method of Wholeistic Ease. 

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How Did I Get Started Living & Teaching this Lifestyle?

It all started in 2017 when I broke my neck snowboarding in Colorado. For the first time in years, I had time to myself. Time to think, time to reflect, and time to analyze. I came to the realization that my lifestyle at the time was no longer serving me. I was consistently poisoning myself to entertain people that didn’t care about me and I needed to stop. I was also suffering from severe chronic gastritis; I could not take a sip of water without getting heartburn. I had this since I could remember and had been taking pills for it my entire life. I had always slept on my side to prevent myself from getting heartburn in my sleep, but I had to sleep on my back with the neck brace on so the heartburn was inevitable despite the symptom-suppressing pills. I frequently went to my doctor in an attempt to find a solution. I asked her if there was a possible way for me to fix my problem without pills, and she didn’t have a single suggestion for me. I remember thinking to myself, “These people really went to school for 7 years to be doctors and they can’t help an 19-year-old kid with heartburn?! Unbelievable.” I came to the realization that doctors were dealers, not healers. They wanted me dependent on pills so I could be their life-long customer. They were leveraging my pain for “profit.” They weren’t going to save me; I had to save myself. At the time, I was already researching deep into ancient history and searching for answers that would make the world make sense to me. I switched my focus to the pharmaceutical industry and it only took me about an hour to confirm my suspicions. It was definitely not just me. I started researching nutrition because I logically figured that a problem with my stomach had to be related the garbage I was eating. 

Let’s take some steps back and talk about my childhood. I was doing breathwork as a kid without even knowing it. The breatharian path had always been calling me. I remember watching the movie “Chasing Mavericks” and being so inspired and motivated. I watched documentaries and YouTube videos of breath training for surfing. I looked into free diving and wanted to know all of the tools to be able to hold your breath long enough to wipe out on a 40 foot wave. I was like 13 years old at the time, it was the middle of the winter and I was nowhere near the beach, but in my world I was on a mission. It felt so real to me. I would go to the gym and swim underwater laps in the pool. The old people in the gym used to think I was nuts for how many laps I was doing on a breath. I was holding at the top for almost 4 minutes in middle school. In high school, I took the train to and from school every day. Whenever I was alone on the train I would practice holding my breath and timing myself. In elementary school I played the trumpet. I loved the way it felt to rip the high notes and blast out songs like no other 5th and 6th graders could. I stopped after elementary school though because band would’ve interfered with hockey and society had conditioned me to think that organized sports were the only way to be enough for myself. I was also obsessed with singing back in the day, I was the lead in the 6th grade play lol. I remembered over 600 lines and sang multiple solo songs on stage. I loved music and I loved using my own body as the instrument. I still do. I painted, sculpted, and drew as well- I had a whole area of the basement dedicated to my art. My brother and I were always out doing some random shenanigans when we were younger too- bombing hills on skateboards, knee hockey, basketball, manhunt, etc. We surfed in the summers and snowboarded in the winters. Because I was so in tune with my breathing, had so many creative outlets, and was constantly so active, I was so fulfilled by my own presence that I never wanted to eat food. I would intuitively go weeks without food and lie to my parents that I was eating. Because I ate so little, I barely needed to sleep either. I was constantly awake all night while my family slept. I was always researching, reading, and learning. I never felt malnourished a day in my life. I was short, I had yet to grow into myself yet, but I was lean and never felt weak even though everyone around me was a swollen hormone-eating monster. I wasn’t as big and strong as other kids my age, but I was quick and I was a million times smarter than everyone around me including my parents. Everyone thought I was crazy for not wanting to eat, and for a period of time even I beLIEved it. After staying true to my nature for so long, I eventually gave in and studied the people around me and acted like them to fit in with them because I thought living in my own creative expression was lonely and isolating. This was around junior year of high school, I started drinking and smoking weed. I started eating chipotle every day. Within a year I had done almost every drug under the sun and was running away from myself in every way possible. The idea that I had given up everything I loved doing to entertain people that didn’t even care about me hurt me so deep to my core that I was willing to do anything to stop feeling it. The universe has an interesting way of working, though. Everything that needed to happen for me to return to my true path, happened, and in a way I would have never thought it would. Now we’re back to when I broke my neck. 

My nutritional research led me to fruitarianism. It resonated with me deeply as it logically seemed to align with nature more than any other way of eating with which I had been presented at the time. I decided to pursue a fruit fast; I ate only blueberries and cantaloupe. This was the first time I had ever eaten a fruit in my entire life. Four days in, I wasn’t getting heartburn anymore. For the first day in my entire life that I could remember, I didn’t take a pill and I didn’t have heartburn. My life-long disease was reversed in only 4 days. I was flabbergasted that a doctor who spent 7 years in school supposedly learning to help people couldn’t figure this out with over a decade of trying different lab chemical drugs but a 19-year-old kid with a laptop figured it out with something as simple as blueberries and melons. I knew for sure that I had just taken my first step on the path back to myself. I was so inspired. I continued to sustain fruitarianism for 6 months; during those months I expanded my list of fruits I was willing to try and eat. I was spending all of my money on overpriced boxes from Miami Fruit. I tried lots of new fruits of which I’d never heard, all of which I enjoyed. I became more comfortable trying new unfamiliar foods. After the 6 months, I decided to explore raw plant food options. I started eating nuts for the first time, but I never really got into vegetables. Eventually the nuts got a little too heavy for me, I fluctuated between fruitarian and light raw vegan foods for the net 6 months. Throughout this entire journey, I was under constant scrutiny from everyone in my life. In order to be able to defend myself for what I knew was right for me, I researched details on every single question I would be asked about why I was doing what I was doing. I went so deep into my research that people eventually ended up asking me for advice. 

I hd shattered just about every nutritional paradigm that I had been taught my whole life and experienced it personally. This sparked even more inspiration for me- “What else are they lying about?” I started researching diseases and came to learn that every major disease ravaging huemanity was caused by the same couple things, all of which major corporations and indoctrinating schools of thought were responsible. Then I was introduced to Taylor Budd, my soon-to-be mentor that changed my entire life. He taught me about breathwork, fasting, the tao, and the breatharian perspective on life. I thought I had already cracked the code and found the optimal hueman lifestyle, and soon enough I learned that I was just getting started. I fully committed to a daily breathwork practice in the summer of 2019. That commitment was the best decision I’ve made in my entire life to this day. I had no idea at that time how significant and miraculous I would realize the breathwork truly was. About a week into the daily breathwork practice, I felt called to do my first fast longer than 24 hours. I did a 5-day green juice fast, during which I was inspired to start my Instagram page, @grubfromthegarden. It started out as my own personal online notebook; I would write captions to myself logging my progress and writing information I was learning in the captions so I could go back and reference them. The page gained some popularity rather quickly, which motivated to invest more energy into it. I was in college at Seton hall University studying finance, completely ignoring everything in my classes to continue researching deeper and learning more. I studied traditional Chinese medicine, studied Taylor’s work, continued my own personal journey and studied myself, and studied John Rose’s work, Arnold Ehret’s work, Tyson Murray’s work, Dr. Max Gerson’s work, and Dr. Sebi’s work. I was sharing my accumulated knowledge and the audience was accumulating with the knowledge. 

I decided to start off teaching breathwork and lifestyle (“diet”) transitioning for free in the fall of 2019 to gain experience and grow my inner standing of the body and my methods even further, which eventually progressed to include disease-reversal later that year. I gained loads of experience from the free coaching and started charging for my services the next year in March of 2020 when I moved to Hawaii. By the time I graduated with my useless finance degree from Seton Hall in December 2019, I had already guided people through the reversals of more serious diseases than I could count on my fingers and toes. Cancer, Diabetes, Herpes, Lyme disease, Dementia, Crohn’s disease, IBS, High Blood Pressure, and others had already been crossed off the bucket list. I was 22 years old at the time. When I returned to New Jersey from Maui, I got to work writing books. Since then I’ve released 12 books, 7 of which are available today. The others are currently being updated and redesigned before being re-released. I started offering a HOW TO BREATHE 9-week Breathwork Course taught 1 on 1 over zoom in September of 2020, and I maxed out on clients before October. I discontinued the 1 on 1 course and turned it into 9 levels of video online courses. I moved to the Dominican Republic in October of 2020 and still live here today. In January 2021 I launched BREATHWORK BOOTCAMP, a 9-day breathwork & fasting program to be taught to a group over zoom. The program was a hit and I decided to host a new wave of the program every 3 months. While in the DR, I started experimenting with the rope training and natural biomechanics which ultimately led me to studying GOATA movement with my coach Stephen Beahn. Beahn presented me with a perspective on movement like none I had ever encountered, a perspective thoroughly aligned with my innerstanding of sacred geometry and energy. I am beyond grateful for every encounter, every client, and every personal insperience of mine that led me to this present moment. There is SO MUCH accumulated knowledge to be dropped in the near future, and my full plan includes 12 online courses, 3 levels of Breathwork Bootcamp zoom programs, 27 ebooks (most likely more as I continue to learn every day), and 1 on 1 coaching programs for Ease Restoration. There is an immense wealth of knowledge available on this site, and exponentially more on the way. 


Our Morals

Whole-istic Perspective

The Caputo Method of Wholeitsic Ease is designed to teach you how to align with a lifestyle of complete ease. We are designed to live in ecstasy,to live orgasmically in all facets of our being. In order for this to be fully insperienced and experienced, we must not neglect a single aspect of ourselves. This involves viewing absolutely everything in life through a wholeistic lens. 

All Progression is Perfection

Regardless of where you are in your journey to self-realization, in-joy where you are at. Most of the 9-Pillars of TCM have levels, and regardless of where you’re at, you’re exactly where you need to be. Sometimes the path forward appears backward, but it is always the path forward. You are constantly evolving and growing.

The Universe is Perfect

Everything is constantly in perfect balance. I cannot save the world because the world does not need to be saved. Perfection may sometimes seem imperfect, because perfection is perfectly imperfect.


The soft always overcomes the hard. A rock is harder than water, but water breaks rocks over time. Allow yourself to flow without resistance, like water. In doing no harm, you cannot be harmed. This includes self-harm.


We do not beat around the bush here. I am a squeaky clean mirror. I will reflect back to you exactly how it is. This is out of love, the truth is a frequency you deserve to align with.  


All the things of the world are your’s to use, but not to own. Everything is on its own path, playing its own beat that aligns in its own way to the rhythm of the one song, the uni-verse. Dominion is an illusion, there is absolutely nothing on the earthly plane of which you have dominion. 

Full Presence

Every breath is a gift; that’s why they call it the present moment. Embrace every breath. Distraction = Dis-Tract-Ion. A distraction throws the breath off track. One cannot seek something outside of the present moment and still be present in the moment. 

Conscious Diction

We choose our words consciously because they structure our waters of insperience. We don’t say dis-ease reversal, we say ease restoration. We don’t say holistic (hole-istic), we say wholeistic (whole-istic). Word choice may seem trivial, but your cells notice the difference. 

Trust the Balance

Inhaling completely is only possible when you exhale completely, just like receiving is only possible when you give. Everything that yangs must yin. The energy you put out will always come back to you. If you want to receive energy that serves you, you have to let go of energy that doesn’t. Want to feel full? First let yourself be empty. Want to be given everything? Give up everything. 

Wholeistic Sovereignty

We are all energy, and energy is conscious. We are all the same consciousness experiencing the 3D through hueman lenses. We are not limited to a color. We are not crayons. You are not “black” or “white.” We are all people of hue, people of color, people of light. TCM teaches sovereignty in all facets of being, freedom in absolutely every sense.

Don’t Force, Finesse

If it is truly meant for you, you won’t need to rush or force anything. All timing is divine timing. The more you seek control, the more you lose control. Align with the rhythm of life and finesse through life without resistance. 

Don’t Chase, Attract

You attract what you are. The external is a reflection, a mirror of the internal. When you realize there exists nothing that is not you, you attract everything. You only chase things you lust for. We are taught to chase despite the fact that most things flee when chased. I am not here to chase you into taking a course or program. If you are here, you are already aligned enough to be here. You attracted this. If you do not feel pulled toward a book, a course, or a program from TCM, don’t buy it. For those who align, the content and services are here.

Wholeistic Cleanliness

The body can only allow you a hueman experience as clean as the physical body is itself. The breath is our religion and the body is our temple. 


The Caputo Method of Wholeistic Ease


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